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Satellite Communication


The commercially available satellite systems can be used in the remote installation of the digital security systems. The satellite system would provide narrow-band return channels to transmit alarms and event monitoring data back to a monitoring station and provide alerts.

The video management console and recording systems are generally equipped with SMTP protocol and posses the capability to e-mail or text message alarms and significant events to a client with an internet address. In a remote installation, the satellite modems can be used to provide these remote access capabilities. A highly compressed image can also be transmitted via these narrow band channels. Cyberwatch has executed several reference designs for installation and software development interfaces for these satellite communication systems.

The commercially available satellite systems are based on two distinct technology platforms. One platform is based on Inter-Satellite routing and switching systems. On this platform, the data calls are routed across the network of satellites systems without connecting to the terrestrial communication systems until the final satellite hop has established the connection to the ground gateway.

The second technology platform uses the bent-pipe technology where the connection from the data terminal to the satellite takes place within a time interval and in tandem with the connection to the ground gateway. In this platform, there is no hand-off of the connection between the satellite until the connecting satellite completes an overpass and hands off the connection to next satellite system. The frequency of these hand offs are higher in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems In the case of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) Systems, other mechanisms are available.


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