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Network Infrastructure


The combination of both layer two and layer three switches along with wireless access points and storage servers makes up the network infrastructure for a Digital CCTV system. At the minimum, a network based CCTV system requires an Ethernet switching system and a DHCP server in order to provide primary traffic paths between the IP imaging systems, video recording systems, the video termination points and the viewing stations. The level of complexity could increase in order to scale the system with additional subnet, static routing paths and wireless access points and subnets for most optimal traffic engineering and assurance in the quality of service across the network for the deliver of real time video.

The best practices for the installation of the IP based CCTV systems is to have a dedicated and exclusive core CCTV network system. This will provide dedicated traffic paths to imaging devices, storage systems and viewing stations. It would also separate the data planes and control planes of the network dedicated to the local IT infrastructure, which are primarily designed for asynchronous data communication applications such as e-mail, file sharing and web browsing.

 Having a dedicated CCTV network and developing new conduit layouts and installation of new CAT5/CAT6 home-runs for the dedicated CCTV network can increase the Cost/Performance ratios.  An analysis on Cost/Performance ratios and Return on Investment (ROI) must be conducted to see how much of the video traffic must be dedicated to an exclusive subnet and how much of the traffic could use the legacy network data infrastructure already at the site.

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