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Access Control Systems


The Physical Access Control Systems have evolved from traditional card access systems to highly advanced Biometric systems.

The card access systems are still very active design choices for physical access control systems due to field proven operation of the software. During filed operation, these systems have matured and have gone through extensive debug cycles. The cost structures for installation of these systems have been reduced due to advances in technology and the spread of deployment knowledge for these systems.

The new generation for physical access control systems is moving towards the biometric reader and IP based communication transport. The new generations moves data from the points of acquisition to the servers where the access control data is processed and authorization and privileges the access granted or denied.

Cyberwatch provide unique engineering services for integration of Physical Access control system to Digital CCTV systems. The integration uses a software framework based on XML and web services that integrates to the SDK (Software Development Kit) of the system manufacturers and provide a unified command and control center for the security systems platforms.


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